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Reduce Risk. Secure Access.

The QLock assists your efforts to meet regulatory guidelines for the proper storage of medications and vaccines to maintain stability and potency by restricting access to refrigerated and other temperature-sensitive medications to authorized personnel. The QLock can be placed on existing side-door refrigerators, freezers, warmers and other storage devices within your facility.

Rely On Your CUBEX Systems

How can a well-integrated CUBEX System drive profits? Let's find out.


Easy to learn. Easy to use.

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Expert support to redefine your workflow

  1. Audit current inventory process compliance
  2. Define gaps and solutions that fit your practice and workflow
  3. Tap our expertise to implement and train

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Watch how integrating with CUBEX helped to improve efficiency and profitability at Deer Creek Animal Hospital in Littleton, Colorado.

Real Cost Savings
“Our staff had our inventory very much under control. We were running about 20%, which is perfect, but once we implemented CUBEX, it dropped down to 15%.”
Learn how Willow Creek Pet Center improved productivity and margins.
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Control. Optimize. Relax.


Monitors internal storage temperatures of refrigerators, warmers and other storage devices electronically

Alerts users when storage temperatures fall outside of defined high and low temperature limits

Automates vaccine management (vaccine names, dosages received, expiration dates, manufacturers and lot numbers)

Reduces manual processes by automating inventory tracking and reorders

Integrates with additional Cubex technologies to automate 100% of inventory

Integrates with additional Cubex technologies to automate 100% of veterinary inventory


Due to the variety of refrigerators, QLock units are supplied in two different configurations:

  • Flat-door units: for refrigerators with a flat door surface
  • Round-door units: for refrigerators with a curved door surface

QLock Station touchscreen PC

Refrigerator NOT included

Relax. You are secure.

The security options available with the QLock  along with available reporting by CUBEX allow you to be fully DEA-compliant.


Support When You Need It

Our implementation team will be there to help you set up, train and implement a workflow that works for your practice. Our cloud-based software ensures you are always up to date. Whenever you need help, we're here:

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